My school life and what I thought


I have been studying English at CCE for 2 weeks. I think it’s going well, especially my speaking and listening are getting better.
Now I can understand what my teacher speaks. My teacher speaks English clearly, correctly and slowly.
There’s a rule in our college that we can use English only.
So I must speak in English even if I talk with Japanese classmates!

There are a lot of Japanese student in my college. I’m getting on well with them. I often have a BBQ with my classmates at Lagoon.
Unfortunately, We often have rain in Cairns recently but I have a very good time here.
Tomorrow We’re going to Kuranda where is famous for rainforests and Sky rail going through the forests.

In Japan, We use Japanese to explain English grammar. For elementary or junior high school students, It is necessary to use Japanese because their vocabulary or their grammar are not enough. But for high school students, it may be better to use English.
Many Japanese can read English. Some can write or listen to English well. But there are few Japanese who can speak English fluently because Japanese education gives us little opportunity to speak English or to listen to English.
Some English teachers let us listen to English songs. Of course, listening to English songs is not bad, but it’s more important for us to listen to native English speakers to know how they express their idea, feeling and opinions.
There’s a difference between written English and spoken English. We must learn spoken English more by listening to native speakers.

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