I played the piano at Bernie’s!


Last Friday I went to Bernie’s.
There is few jazz live houses in Cairns. Bernie’s is one of them.
I heard a very good pianist sometimes comes there, so I’m looking forward to seeing her.

When I went to Bernie’s, Irish music was playing.
In front of live house, I met a owner.
He said,”If you want to listen to jazz music, you should come at 8.”
So I left there to have dinner.

When I got back to the Bernie’s, There was a pianist who played that night.
Then I met another pianist who was going to play next Thursday.
I talked with him about their favorite pianist.
He likes Keith Jarrett the best I heard. That is same with me.
I asked if he likes Bill Evans, he said NO.
He doesn’t like Bill Evans’s very strong touch and mechanical phrase.

When the stage started, My name was called.
I told the band master that I was a pianist.
I played “The days of Wines and Roses”,”Quiet Night”,”Polka dots and Moonbeams”.
I brought Pianica, so I played the pianica then.
Everyone appraised and clapped.
I was very glad to hear that.

The owner said, “You can come here and you can play with us every time.”
I had a great time.

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