I had a live performance at Bernie’s!

Last Saturday I had a live performance at Bernie’s Jazz Cafe & Bar.
Recently I often go to Bernie’s, and I am getting on well with Bernie, the owner of Bernie’s.
On Wednesday I heard from my sister that I was offered by Bernie to play a live performance.
So I went there and listened to him. What my sister said was true. I could get my first live performance.
This was not only my first live performance but also my first work in Australia. I was very excited.

Saturday came and I went to Bernie’s to do my first work. I was nervous to play on the stage, This was quite a new experience for me.
But When the live performance started and Harry, the drummer started to sing, I could focus on my playing.
My playing was not best, but not bad.
After the first stage, I talked with a lot of customers. All of them told me that my music was very beautiful.
I was glad to hear that.
I had four stages that day. When all the stages finished, Bernie told me he would arrange another live show for me very soon.
I’m looking forward to playing again.

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