I finally arrived at Cairns, Australia!

Now,I stay at my sister’s house with her family.
She has 2 kids. Emily and Sam.
Emily is 4 years old and Sam is 2 years old.
They are very active and play whole a day.
I love them very much.They are so pretty.
The day before yesterday, I enrolled in a English college.
I’m going to study English for about a month.
Next month, my parents comes to Cairns.They’ll stay here for 2 weeks.
I’ll guide them during their stay.
After that, I’m planning to move to Sydney.
Sydney has a lot of Jazz club. Every night I can listen to Jazz music.
Someday I’ll play at a jazz club in Sydney.
My new life has just started.
I’ll try everything I want to do.



IMG_1448 Cairns Airport. It’s not large, but very beautiful.
Sweet smells like coconuts.

IMG_1449 I think we can’t do winter sports in Tokyo.

IMG_1461 Cairns central. I have been here before. There is Cairns Station next to Cairns Central.

IMG_1463 Cairns Station. Someday I want to take a train though I have no idea where to go.

IMG_1465 Cairns college of English.This is the college I enrolled. My class starts next Monday.

IMG_1468 Frozen cola. We can get it with only $1 payment. It is very large.

IMG_1469 I was looking for free Wi-Fi spot in Cairns Central, and I asked at the customer service desk. I heard there was no free Wi-Fi spot. It’s difficult to find free Wi-Fi spot in Cairns.

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